Project Grant Information

Annual Application Deadline November 2021

Continuous Intake - Project Grants $500 and Less


The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association Project Grants Program supports:

Special or yearly projects that further SOA objectives and which are undertaken either by SOA group members or SOA member organizations. Funding priorities are youth, education, diversity, quality & impact, and levels of participation.

The SOA Project Grants Program is supported by funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation through SaskCulture.

Applications and supporting documents must be delivered or postmarked on or before the deadline date.

Notification: Our goal is to issue official written notification of the funding decision within 60 days of the program’s deadline date [December 11], or within 60 days of receipt of requests submitted at other times of the year.

Program Information

SOA Project Grants Program Allocation Process

SOA Project Grants are allocated by the SOA board of directors based on funds available through the SOA budget and the results of its adjudication process.


Arms-length adjudication process

Grant applications will be reviewed by independent assessors who are professionals in the orchestral field. These individuals provide assessments to the SOA board of directors based on the adjudication criteria outlined below.

  • The annual deadline for Project Grants is November 5, 2021. 
  • Applications of $500 or under can be submitted throughout the year, including the annual deadline. Please note that funding for grant applications submitted throughout the year is limited.
  • Project Grant allocations are determined by the amount of funding available and the number of applications.
  • The demand for Project Grants funding may exceed available resources. The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association may not be able to provide grants to all recommended applicants or in the amount requested.
  • Organizations may apply for more than one Project Grant at the main deadline or throughout the year. A separate Project Grant Application Form must be completed for each project request.

Eligible Applicants

Project ‘A’ applicants: legally registered in Saskatchewan as non-profit organizations. Project ‘B’ applicants: unincorporated groups holding a valid SOA membership. Applicants must be current members of the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association as per one of the following definitions:

  • SOA Group Member: Organizations who hold one SOA Membership on behalf of their organization.
  • SOA Member Organization: Organizations in which all participants hold an SOA Membership.

Ineligible Applications: 

  • Activities or programs that take place before the deadline date. Funding is not retroactive and will not be considered if the project has been completed.
  • Applicants who have any outstanding reports for previous grants received from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association. 
  • Applications delivered or postmarked after the application deadline.
  • Applications that are incomplete, illegible, or unsigned.

Adjudication Criteria

Project Grant applications are reviewed by independent assessors who are professionals in the orchestral field with appropriate knowledge and experience. These independent assessors provide ratings to the SOA Board of Directors based on the adjudication criteria outlined below. Applicants are therefore expected to consider and address the adjudication criteria when developing their applications.

Applications are rated by the independent assessors on the following criteria:


Merit of the Activity

  • Value of the proposed project to participants – short and long-term benefits
  • Appropriateness of experience to the participants at their age or stage of development
  • Whether the program is otherwise offered in the community
  • Appropriateness of the proposed project to the mandate of the member organization

Community Impact

  • The proposed project has value within the broader community and provides opportunities to build partnerships
  • The proposed project reaches the maximum number of people possible within the context of project objectives and the mandate of the applicant
  • The proposed project aligns with the mission and objectives of the SOA, demonstrates outreach and diversity, and is open to SOA members outside of the applicant’s organization if possible
  • The proposed project meets the requirements of the SOA’s funders


  • The applicant demonstrates evidence of comprehensive planning – application is complete with a reasonable, balanced budget
  • The applicant demonstrates that the proposed project is realistic, cost effective and achievable given the time and budget plans and that it has the ability to carry out the project as planned
  • The applicant demonstrates financial necessity and identifies the possible consequences if requested funding is not received
  • The applicant demonstrates awareness of the need for funder recognition

Payment Cycle and Reports

Approved Project Grant amounts are paid in two equal instalments. The first half of the grant is paid prior to the beginning of the project. Final payment is sent after a completed final report has been received by the SOA.

If changes of scale, scope or focus are made after the initial application has been approved, any disbursed funds must be returned, and a new application must be filed. A change of date does not require a new application, but the SOA Managing Consultant must be informed so that funds can be distributed in a timely manner.

Project Grant recipients are required to submit a final report, including financial statements, due no later than 90 days following the end of the project as indicated by the project dates on the application form. Final report forms are available on the SOA website. No further funding will be available to the group until the final report and required information are received by the SOA.


Application Requirements

Please include the following:

  • Application Form (Completed and signed)
  • Budget (Complete budget chart provided in the Application Form. Ensure budget is balanced.) Note: Project budgets typically include participant fees, other revenue such as ticket sales, donations and fund- raising activities along with the SOA

Eligible Expenses:

  • The SOA grant will cover up to two-thirds of the project.
  • SOA will consider administrative expenses up to 25% of the total.

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Activities or programs that take place before the deadline date. Funding is not retroactive. 


Application Attachments

Please attach the following documents electronically with your application:

Board Member List (in Excel format)

  • Please include first and last names, mailing address, phone number, e-mail addresses.
  • Please include board position currently held (i.e. President, Vice-president, Director).

Organization Main Contact Info (in Excel format)

Please provide two main contacts to receive SOA correspondence for your organization. The individuals named should be capable of responding easily to any correspondence necessary to complete the processing of this application.


*Note: If you have specific contacts for specific projects or communications, please add additional names and specify the contact title. Please include first and last names, mailing address, phone number, e-mail.

Membership Fees (If not previously paid )

Submit cheques via postal mail or single group payments via Email:

  • Group Membership – $25
  • Member Organization – remittance of $25 for each individual who is a regular member of the organization.

Recognizing your Funder

Recipients of the grant program are required to acknowledge the support of SaskCulture, Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation and the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association on concert programs, newsletters, publications and wherever else appropriate as outlined in the Project Grant Application Form.

Receipt of final grant payment is dependent on fulfilling this requirement.