SOA Annual General Meeting: March 24 @ 1:00p.m.

Our Guest Speaker is Brenda Robinson Presenting the New World of Volunteers 

Why volunteer – Why not?

In today’s busy, busy world it is challenging to find enough volunteers to keep our communities doing what they do best. People get involved for new and different reasons. Working together with common goals and for best results is a motivating factor for many volunteers.

What can we do to get more volunteers? 

How can we build boards and organizations where people feel engaged involved and included?

Explore 10 strategies for recruiting and retaining volunteers in this new fast paced, device driven world we live in. We can no longer just expect people to volunteer. Let’s influence them to volunteer because of the advantages we can all experience when we volunteer in our communities.

Do it because it’s fun! 




Member training opportunities are now available! 

More information can be found on our member resources page. To gain access to the page use the contact form below. 



Our Mandate

To allocate funding and programs in support of orchestral activities in Saskatchewan.


Our Vision

An enhanced quality of life in Saskatchewan from stimulating a thriving orchestral community. 


Our Mission

To foster, support, and represent string and orchestral activities through advocacy, resource sharing, and providing opportunities for learning and growth.


Our Values

Integrity  – Fairness, transparency, accountability,  in our management practices.

Flexibility  – Responsive, innovative, and sensitive to unique community settings.

Openness – A welcome, encouraging environment that supports diversity.

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