SOA International Saito Conducting Workshop

 SOA International Saito Conducting Workshop

July 22 to 29, 2017
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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Generous bursaries are available for Saskatchewan musicians. 

The workshop features instruction in the Saito conducting method with Wayne Toews and the instructional team of George Charpentier, Michelle Aalders and Deborah Buck. The supportive and respectful atmosphere puts everyone at ease and leads to quality interactions and relationships. Participants receive video recordings of all their sessions and substantial podium time. The SOA sponsors a string orchestra to work with the conductors.

The Saito method of conducting provides a comprehensive way of developing baton technique and deep insight into ways that gesture elicits and shapes sounds. It is based on the analysis of conducting gestures begun by Hideo Saito. The techniques are fundamental to all styles of conducting. Students learn gesture types not taught elsewhere, and how to combine them to facilitate precise and musical performances. By developing and using the muscles correctly, the motions are efficient and easy to use, assuring that long periods of conducting don't cause harm. Former participants from all over the world credit the workshop with renewing their passion for music-making and with making their performances more precise and artistic.

"The workshop is still one of the greatest life changing moments in my career!"  
-  Dr. Scott MacLennan 

"I had the most amazing time this week at the International Saito Conducting Workshop! I learned SO much that I will continue to use everyday in my conducting life. I'm so grateful to Wayne Toews Sensei for his high degree of expertise and warm supportive approach to teaching. He is a true Maestro!"  

- Dr. Dominic Gregorio 

"This workshop was a life-changing experience. The combination of a clear, concise methodology and sequential pedagogy coupled with a vocabulary of gestures make the Saito method superior. Mr. Toews is a gifted musician and teacher and the entire experience was incredible." 
- Dr. Philip Baldwin, Whitworth University, WA, USA

"When going through immigration the officer said 'It is a long way to come for conducting lessons.' I explained that there was no-one in my part of the world who could teach me the Japanese conducting method in English. What I learned was well worth the effort to travel from Australia." 
- Roland Yeung, Music Director, The Grainger Wind Symphony, Melbourne, Australia

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