SOA Logo Use Guidelines

You play an important role in helping the arts thrive in our province and in promoting public funding for the arts by recognizing the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association and its funders’ support for your activity in your promotional materials.

Below is the SOA logo that you may download to include in your publications and websites as well as links to SOA funders’ logos.

The SOA logo can appear on colour, illustration, or photographic backgrounds, as long as the legibility and integrity of the logo are not diminished. To ensure the legibility of the logo, please print or post at a reasonable size.

The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association requires that member groups and individuals receiving funding through SOA grants display the SOA logo as well as its funders' logos on all newsletters, publications and promotional materials. These logos can be found on the respective organizations websites.


For more information on the use of SaskCulture and Sask Lotteries logos please visit:

  •  SOA Logo
  • SOA/SaskCulture/Lotteries Logo
  • Logo Information Zip File

    Please retain promotional materials displaying these logos during the year and submit them with your year-end Summary Report.

    If you have further questions about logo use, please email

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