The Regina Community Orchestra is a member-run, volunteer organization which has operated continuously in Regina for over twenty years. Its membership is open to adults and older youth who want to play symphonic music (strings, winds, brass, percussion) both classical and contemporary. Basic instrumental and musical skills are necessary since the orchestra is oriented towards performance rather than teaching. The orchestra provides an opportunity for its members to play music that they enjoy, develop their musical skills further, socialize with others having similar interests, and perform for the community at large. Financial support for the orchestra is provided through membership fees, operating grants from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association and the City of Regina, and occasional donations from individuals and corporations to meet specific needs.

The orchestra is administered by an executive comprised of orchestra members elected by the general membership on an annual basis. The orchestras Music Director is paid a nominal fee to conduct rehearsals and concerts and to assist the orchestra with the development of its annual music program. Membership in the orchestra is open to anyone without audition on a volunteer basis; however, basic instrumental and musical skills are necessary since the orchestraâs principal operating objective is performance rather than instruction.

The orchestras continuation and success in Regina is due entirely to its ability to attract new members and to sustain and grow its membership levels. Since orchestra members are at various levels of musical development and experience, music selection and an adequate library is of critical importance to ensure that the orchestra can perform satisfactorily in concert while providing its members with a worthwhile and enjoyable musical experience that they will wish to continue for some time.

The chief measure of success for the orchestra is, of course, the music program. The personal enjoyment of the members and that of our respective audiences with what we play and how well we play it is paramount to everything else that we do. The job of the executive is to facilitate this enjoyment by ensuring that whatever we do administratively will:

a.     support the need for our members and grant agencies to be well-informed;

b.     ensure that our music program reflects our current skills, is balanced and also developmental; and

c.     preserve our current membership and make the orchestra attractive to potential new members.

The Music Program Committee, has been formed to foster greater membership involvement in selecting new music and promoting outreach activities for and by the orchestra.

Annually, the Regina Community Orchestra plays approximately seven concerts. Five or six of these are for residences in seniors homes, public and private. The other scheduled concerts are for the public at large. The orchestra strives to encourage its members to provide music through their composing and arranging skills. Two members, Glenna Herman and Robert Schmidt have contributed new compositions and arrangements.

Our Instrumentation:

Violin (4), Viola (1), Cello (2), Double Bass (2), Oboe (1), Flute (5), Clarinet (3), Bass Clarinet (1), Alto Saxophone (1), French Horn (1), Trumpet (2), Trombone (2), Tuba (2), Percussion (1)

For concert bookings, please feel free to contact Doug Hilderman through the SOA.


The Regina Community Orchestra would like to thank the following for their generous support:

The City of Regina, Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, SaskLotteries, The Saskatchewan Arts Board and SaskCulture.

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