November 1

If a submission deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, it is extended to the following business day.


Operating Grants are for organizations, not individuals.

Organizations qualifying for operating grants must meet regularly, at least twice per month for a season of at least 6 months and be incorporated as not-for-profit organizations.

Organizations should expect to get only partial operating funding from the SOA. Operating budgets should be made up of fees, the SOA grant and other revenue such as ticket sales, donations and fund-raising activities. 

Funding is NOT retroactive and will not be considered if the operating year has been completed. 

The SOA grant shall not normally cover more than two-thirds of the operating budget. For calculating the 2/3 funding, SOA will not consider administrative expenses beyond 25% of the total budget. 

If changes of scale, scope or focus are made after the initial application has been approved, any disbursed funds must be returned and a new application must be filed.

The approved operating grant amount is paid in two instalments. The first half of the grant is paid shortly after approval of the grant; final payment is sent after the operating year end is complete and a completed Summary Report has been received by the SOA. The Summary Report is due no later than 90 days following the operating year end. No further funding will be available to the group until the Summary Report and required information are received by the SOA. 

All organizations receiving funding from the SOA must acknowledge funding support in their programs, publicity and wherever else appropriate. The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Saskatchewan Lotteries, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Arts Board logos MUST ALL BE DISPLAYED. Receipt of final payment is dependent on fulfilling this requirement. 

The amount of an operating grant from the SOA varies according to organization size, the type of membership held, and the funds available. 

For organizations whose members all hold individual memberships in SOA (in addition to the organization's membership), a funding formula is established by the Board based on the funds available. The formula provides a specified amount per member for the first 10 members, a lesser amount per member for the next 10 members and a smaller amount per member thereafter.

For organizations holding only a group membership, the maximum Operating Grant shall be $500, regardless of the number of members. 


Grant Applications and Summary Report Forms may be downloaded in PDF format (see above links) or from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association office at:

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Inc.

2113 Clarence Ave. S

Saskatoon, SK S7J 1L4 

Phone: (306) 716-5122

Email: info@saskorchestras.com              

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