SOA Grant Program

We encourage you to apply!    


=   SOA moved to an arms-length adjudication process in 2014-15 Project and New Initiative Grants
        Arms-length adjudication process: grant applications are reviewed by a peer review committee made up of professionals in the orchestral field. The committee provides funding recommendations to the SOA Board of Directors.

=   Operating Grant and Professional Development Grant distribution processes have NOT changed. They continue to be adjudicated by the SOA Board of Directors based on eligibility and necessity. Operating Grants are calculated according to a formula based on the number of individuals participating / playing in the organization.

Grant Forms

=    grant forms are fillable PDFs.
   You will need to download the most recent version of Adobe.
    It is available free of charge at

=    Please use the grant forms updated in 2019. 
  P  Make sure that application forms are complete.
  P  Ensure your budget is balanced.

Family Memberships

=   Individual SOA Memberships are $25.

=   If someone in your household holds a $25 Individual SOA Membership, additional Individual SOA Memberships can be purchased for $5. Applies to individuals resident within one household for example multiple children, spouses and/or parent and child.

=   Members participating / playing in an SOA Member Organization MUST hold an SOA membership.

=   Parents do NOT need to hold an SOA Membership in order for their children   to participate in an organization, but are welcome to become members.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the SOA Office at 306-716-5122 or e-mail and Elaine will be happy to help you.

For Your Information...

³ SOA Member Organizations: organizations in which all participants hold an SOA Membership. These organizations are eligible for operating funding greater than $500 calculated based on their number of participants.

³  SOA Group Members: organizations who hold one SOA Membership on behalf of their organization. These organizations are eligible for operating funding to a maximum of $500.

v     To be eligible for funding through SOA Operating and Project Grants, the organization must be registered as a non-profit in good standing.

v     New or smaller groups may apply for funding through SOA New Initiative Grants prior to registering as a non-profit.

v The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association requires that organizations and individuals receiving funding through SOA grants display the SOA logo as well as its funders' logos on all newsletters, publications and promotional materials. For more details, click here

SOA Grants Program:

  • Operating Grants support the operating budgets of member groups who are incorporated as not-for-profit organizations.

  • Project Grants support projects that are undertaken by member groups and that further SOA objectives.

  • Professional Development Grants support teachers of orchestral and stringed instruments in undertaking professional training.

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